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Enrich your vocabulary and express yourself boldly with the correct set of words

Feb 2, 2021 | English Speaking

Power of Words

Vocabulary is the foundation of language. The words we speak are loaded with a lot of potential. As Benjamin Franklin said , “Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place , but far more difficult still to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” Therefore, words can make or break a relationship. A person with a good knowledge of words can express better, thus has less chances of finding himself in any misunderstanding. A rich vocabulary promotes the development of the self and makes a person a better thinker and communicator.

What will others say?

Our biggest fear while speaking in English is how the other person might judge us. We are mostly concerned about creating our image in front of others and to some extent it is natural. However, in this process we tend to burden our minds so much that we are not able to speak even what we know. To avoid such situations , all you need is to practice more and more in a comfortable environment. Gurukul Mantra stresses more on expressing yourself freely without worrying about impressing anyone. We encourage interaction in an easy going and open minded manner.

Let’s face it!!

Words are not just lexical terms with specific meaning but also include phrases. But due to very limited vocabulary, we tend to feel exhausted while speaking or writing in English. We tend to repeat some words and phrases every now and then, thus making the conversation dull and boring. At Gurukul Mantra you will not just improve your vocabulary but also gain academic and social confidence.

An all-round development

A person with a powerful vocabulary has a working memory that focuses more on holding words long enough in one’s memory , so that he can operate with them. This further improves listening , reading and writing skills. In order to expand one’s vocabulary it is advisable to read. Reading as a habit if not inculcated in childhood becomes difficult to put into practice after a certain age . Gurukul Mantra acknowledges this situation and has developed innovative and interesting techniques, irrespective of age, to promote reading and speaking confidently in public.

We believe in creating an environment that would stimulate learning new words on a regular basis. We train the learners in a way that they never fall short of words in expressing themselves .

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