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How to develop self-confidence and self-esteem?

Aug 13, 2021 | English Speaking

 When it comes to self-confidence and self-esteem, we are never fully aware that if we are high or low on it. To explain in a nutshell, self-confidence and self-esteem are a person’s overall subjective opinion of personal growth, worth, value, and confidence. Low self-esteem and self-confidence can hamper your overall growth. You might feel difficulty in holding on to even a single good thought about yourself. You might not feel equal among others and doubt every you’ve made. Basically, you’ll doubt your confidence and worth. Either way, if you too want a hold of your personal growth and opinion and want to develop self-esteem and self-confidence, you need to check out these few points.

Just be ready to accept few changes that will happen after reading these few points.

Believe in yourself

Believing yourself is knowing what you are capable of. You know what you can do and what you can’t. Don’t let your secondary and doubtful thoughts eat up your confidence. Yes, you’ll feel nervous while starting something new but that doesn’t mean that you are not capable of doing it. A little belief in yourself can take you a long way.

Treat yourself well

Treat yourself nicely as you treat others. Be nice to yourself. Have conversations with yourself just like you speak with your friends. Don’t be hard on yourself. The internal voice that tells you that ‘you’re going to rock it’ can be the most powerful tool. This can be really difficult at first, but practice makes it perfect.

Comparison can be harmful

This is the most common mistake that people commit. It is human psychology and its normal. But if that is hampering your personal growth and confidence it needs to change. Comparing yourself with others can be crummy. Do not measure your success with others. Try to be better than yourself but do not compare that with others. Comparison can definitely be harmful.

Exercising helps

Sometimes it is not only about mental well-being. It depends on our physical health too. Some hormones like endorphins are the feel-good hormones that help to build balance in your thinking process. Exercising calms your mind, increases motivation, and helps you think wisely. And so it is said that exercising and yoga helps. This remains a tried and tested hack.

Nobody’s perfect

Yes, it actually means that nobody is perfect. You can always try to be a better version of yourself. You can fail and fail better every time, this also means progress. Nobody born perfect.

Identify changes

identifying changes can help you come a long way. There are certain changes that are very important to identify and correct. Certain things that are within your control can be identified and worked upon. You cannot hung up things thinking that you can’t do it.

Do what makes you happy

This is the golden rule. When you are struggling with a lot of things in your life, you need to give yourself that little ‘me time”. It can bring back motivation, self- confidence and help you do better. Spending time doing your favorite activity like reading, journaling, cooking, watching movies, etc can bring many positive changes.

Surround yourself with supportive people

A supportive group of friends and family can lead you towards greater heights in life. The ones that make you feel comfortable and appreciate you for the little things are the true ones. People who make you feel nervous or trigger negativity are the ones that should be eliminated.

Issues related to self-confidence and self-esteem are growing day by day. Development with regards to self esteem and self- confidence requires a lot of patience and practice. One must start working on it as soon as possible. This learning can be more fun with Gurukul Mantra. We focus on each and every aspect of your difficulty and work towards making you a better individual. We provide you a holistic training in inculcating these skills with easy and innovative techniques. You can visit our website and explore more about our courses.

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