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Top 6 Myths About English Speaking

Jun 7, 2021 | English Speaking

Some people are successful in learning English, others are not. There are many reasons behind it. Understanding English is very important as well as essential. There are following MYTHS about English when it comes to speaking: .

  • Learning English is a Time Consuming Process

    Learning language is not hard. Dedication plays a vital role in it. With dedication, anyone can be proficient within a short time. If we study on daily basis, we can be masters. Willingness to learn, spending time for learning can fulfill the process of learning. With this, one can master any language.

  • Settle in the Abroad

    If a person wants to be a good speaker of English, he should go  abroad. This can be the most efficient way to learn it. Moving to a country where people speak in English makes it easier.

  • Use of Social Media

    With technology and virtual media, we can adapt language as well as culture. Not only this but practice with teachers, peers or listening to the people who are speaking English will definitely improve our language.

  • Focus on Grammar and Vocabulary

    Being a non-native speaker of English, we have to focus on grammar as well as on vocabulary. Successful learners are able to cultivate fluency. We can survive anywhere if we have mastery over both the things. They also focus on pronunciation.

  • Learning English as a Challenge

    Sometimes it can be difficult, but we can take it as a challenge. Grammar of English is complex , it is difficult to remember and use logically. On that note it is tricky too, so it’s a challenge.

  • Learning English is Expensive

    Many people think that it is very expensive. If we enroll a student in  English medium school, at least he or she will get more attention from the staff. Students can compare them to other students on different basis like personality or economical class etc.

These are some of the myths when it comes to speaking in English. People fail to learn English passionately hence cling to the fear.

We should take a step ahead to know English better and make it the easiest language.  Gurukul Mantra exactly does the same and help you burst these myths by doing what is actually needed that is practice and hard work. Our live lectures and expert teachers make you comfortable with the language and make you aware of the best benefits of speaking in English. Always remember, if the confidence overpowers myths, success belongs to the learners.

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