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Vernacular language: A problem?

Feb 12, 2021 | English Speaking

“The limits of my language, means the limits of my world.”
– Ludwig Wittgenstein

Vernacular language: A problem?

A person from a vernacular background, that is the one who has done his education in a language other than English, often feels that they have missed on various opportunities owing to their English language skill. As much as there is a need to learn English, there is also a need to preserve the heritage attached to the regional languages. That is why, English still receives hostile treatment when it comes to interact in everyday life. People from vernacular background often face difficulty in speaking in English because they lack practice and later it becomes all the more strenuous for them to communicate confidently in English.

English is as simple as any other language

India has 22 official language, 150 major languages and about 1652 recorded languages and dialects. With such vast variety, a lot of people majorly use their regional language for not just basic communication but also for educational purposes. They remain distant from English for a very long time. This results in English becoming a problem for them once they start any profession or step out for higher studies. However, we must remember that English also has sets of words which only need to be arranged in a proper and syntax and like any other language has the purpose of communicating one’s ideas and intentions. The only problem is the lack of exposure to English.

Our belief

Gurukul Mantra has deeply researched upon this very prevalent & common problem and devised strategies to help the individuals overcome their inhibitions due to vernacular backgrounds. We believe that if one finds a platform or a space to practice the usage of English in a comfortable environment then the chances of grasping increases. Gurukul Mantra supports learning with peers and from their experiences. We provide you a platform where you can practice written and spoken English without any hesitation. LSRW stands for listening, speaking, reading and writing. It is important to develop all the four domains- LSRW- associated with English language. Gurukul Mantra focusses in polishing all the four skills, necessary to use English language fluently.

They look for avenues to develop their skills. The institution has provided them with some but there is room for a lot more to be done in this regard.

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